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    It's a: sociable, challenging, technical and exhilarating sport. As well as this, climbing has a number of health and fitness benefits: It develops arm and upper body strength needed to pull. Improves flexibility and agility as climbers must adapt body positions and reach for hand and foot holds across the rock.

    duration DURATION 30 DAYS
    Altitude ALTITUDE 8611 Meters
    Deadline 15 MARCH

    Trango Tower Rock Climbing Expedition


    Package Type : Rock Climbing

    Package Location : I T I N E R A R Y M A P

    Features Mountain Range: Karakoram Destinations: Baltoro Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan Accommodation: Motel & Guest House Transportation: High roof, Jeeps Best Time: 1st July to 15th August

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    We are pleased to announce Trango Tower Rock climbing Expedition for that adventurer who wants to experience the Rock climbing. Travel Amazing Karakoram welcome to join & experience the Trango Tower Rock Climbing. The Trango Towers are dramatic and adventurous group of rocks located on the north side of Baltro Glacier, in Skardu a district of the Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. These Towers presents very adventurous, challenging rock climbing in the world therefore great patience and strong determination needed while daring to summit the group. The routes are highly technical due to combination of steepness of the rock, altitude of the peak and weather condition of the location. The highest peak of the group known as the GREAT TRANGO is about 6,296m or 20,608ft. There are group of towers namely; The Trango Great, The Trango Nameless, Trango Monk, Trango II (6,327 m) Trango Pulpit (6,050m), Trango Castle (5,753 m) and some other small but challenging rocks are part of this group. The peaks have been climbed several times in the past. The Trango Great was first climbed in 1977 by Galen Rowell, John Roskelley, Kim Schmitz, Jim Morrissey and Dennis Hennek by a route which started from the west side (Trango Glacier). The east face of the Great Trango is the world’s tallest vertical face and was first climbed in 1984 by the Norwegians Hans Christian Doseth and Finn Dæhli, both died on the descent. The first successful climbed from this face was done in 1992 by Xaver Bongard and John Middendorf, Trango The Nameless Tower was first climbed in 1976 by British climber Joe Brown, Mo Anthoine, Martin Boysen, and Malcolm Howells. There are almost eight routes to the summit and one of the famous routes is known as Eternal Flame. The West summit of the Great Trango and Trango Pulpit were climbed in 1999 by two separate teams, one American and one Russian. Some recent ascents on the Great Trango have been done by using some longer routes. Josh Wharton and Kelly Cordes completed a new, very long (2,256 meter/7,400 ft) route on the Southwest Ridge in 2004. Although the climb was not very technical from this route but notable thing is that it was done with lightweight and fast style. In 2005 two Slovak climbers Gabo Cmarik and Jozef Kopold climbed with a new route, in 7 days, which they named AssalamAlaikum, on the south face of Great Trango. This climb was also used lightweight style as similar to that of Wharton and Cordes. In the same year Samuel Johnson, Jonathon Clearwater and Jeremy Frimer made the first climb of the southwest ridge of the Trango II. In mid-August of 2009, Alexander and Thomas Huber climbed Eternal Flame.

    Arrival at Islamabad airport and Transfer to Hotel overnight in Hotel. Briefing at Ministry of Tourism or Alpine club of Pakistan. Drive for Chilas via Karakorum Highway (KKH) sightseeing all al

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    • Mountain Range: Baltoro Muztagh, Karakoram Destinations: Restractes Base Altitude: 3400 Meters Transportation: Air-condition van, Jeeps Best Time: May to September
    • Fees: (Bridge crossing, cable crossing, camping) International flights tickets re-confirmations Custom clearing assistance Ministry formalities Documentation with ministry of tourism for permit process TA/DA (travel allowance) Insurance Sightseeing the capital city of Islamabad 4X4 Jeeps from Skardu
    • Staffs: Cook and assistance cook wages, camp food, transport and their insurance Member sleeping tent at BC High altitude tents High altitude foods EPI gas + stoves (complete) Rope (fix) Porters: Carry on member personal climbing gears, foods stuffs and camping crew etc up to Base camp and return back to Askoli village. Allow for members 75kgs walk in and 50kgs walk out. Camping Equipment: Mess tent and Kitchen tent Mattress, lighting system, chairs and tables Toilet tent Kitchen crockery
    • International flight tickets and Cargo charges Members any climbing gears Member personal insurance Helicopter emergency rescue High altitude porters Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone calls, fax, email charges, water, soft drinks, room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature Custom clearing charges (import and export of requirements) Oxygen cylinder Any unforeseen expenses (just like road block extra hotel stay or if members stay more days at Base Camp) then members will be pay according to the numbers of days basses

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